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Alabama Accordionists' Association


















In his famous address to the Irish Accordion Club, Edmund Burke stated: ďAll that is necessary for your Accordion Club to fail is for your members to do nothing.Ē Ouch! Did it hurt for our club president to step down after ten years? Yes, Iíve been a member who came faithfully to meetings to listen to others perform while failing to prepare a piece myself. So, in my first ďMessage from the PrezĒ I want to get the ball rolling by challenging each of you to come to each meeting with something to perform. As Jim said, he will write music for your level of your level of proficiency. After each club meeting, I leave inspired to go home and practice more consistently.


I am still learning about playing. Recently I learned the difference between playing the notes and playing the music. Although I understand what I just said. I have not yet learned how to play the music, and my pieces still sound like notes instead of like music. So, I must work on expressing, pressing the buttons, AND reading the dynamics.



At each meeting, we need a program that is so entertaining that our guests depart thanking us for the entertainment of the afternoon. The program Saturday was one of the best we have ever had. I love how the accordion is part of so many genres of music. When Alla and Naum played their duet, it was like one accordion was answering the other accordion. And, the orchestra is really coming into its own. The guest performers Jim brings in each year are exceptional. I tell people about hearing Friedrich Lips in such an intimate setting that Iím sitting on the third row and talking with him. Da! (Thatís the extent of my Russian.) Where can you hear a world class musician for $15.00?


The next guest performance is on Feb. 4; the next club meeting where a member can perform is in

April 2012.


Make a commitment to perform a piece!


Craig Funderburg